Are all the Performers related?

Yes, we are!

How do the kids acquire their Education?

The kids are enrolled with School of Isolated and Distant Education. We have a School Van, which is equipped with laptops & a tutor on staff that helps with their work. Their completed work gets sent back fortnightly.

How long does it take to erect the Big Top & to dismantle it?

It takes us 3 days to put up the Big Top. That would be working on an average. It would take us longer if the weather was against us. In those 3 days we would erect the Big Top, Seatings, Backstage, Foyer Tent, Canteens & Animal Yards. It takes us 6 hours to pack everything away. faq-img

Do you get sick of traveling?

No we do not, but we don’t look at it the same way you do! When you move, you pack up all your belongings & move house. We pack up our house & relocate to another location, but once setup we are the same, just different scenery, sometimes we have beach views!

Do you travel all year?

Yes we travel all year round, but we don’t Show all year. We take a few weeks off around Christmas & New Years & sometimes a week mid year.

Do you go all around Australia?

This Production has not toured all Australia yet, but we’re on our way!

Do you practice all the time?

No, not all the time. When a new routine is getting worked into the Show there is lots of practice, when it reaches show status, doing it every week is enough to keep up the skill level.

Do you travel overseas?

Circus Joseph Ashton as a company has not yet traveled overseas, if an opportunity came along who knows? As individuals, some have had the opportunity to work in overseas Circus Shows.

Why is the Show called ‘Circus Joseph Ashton’?

Because in 2000 when we started, our Grandfather was still operating Ashton’s Circus. He has since retired & closed the Show.

What is Act Belong Commit?

Act-Belong-Commit is a comprehensive health promotion campaign that encourages individuals to take action to protect and promote their own mental wellbeing and encourages organisations that provide mentally healthy activities to promote participation in those activities. We are lucky enough to be apart of this amazing Healthway program & to help promote a healthy life style. To find out more visit their website at


Safety net that stretches in front of & behind Trapeze Artists.


Act consisting of a Catcher & Flyer: The Flyer passes in midair from a Fly Bar to the Catcher & returns to their original place.


Steel circle to which the Tent is laced & pulled up by the King Poles.


Performing on a high horizontal wire – often used incorrectly by the media to describe any aerial act.


Performer who catches a flyer & returns him/her to the Fly bar


Section of approximately 2 metres in length, slightly curved, to form a circle which is 14 metres in diameter (said to be the best size for horses to canter).


Performer who catches a flyer & returns him/her to the Fly bar


An array of pulley blocks & rope attached to novice when practicing new tricks.


Trapeze that transports flyers in middle of flying gear.


Trapeze at far end, known as front, which holds the Catcher.


Approximately 14 metre frame used for the flying trapeze act.


Natural sap crushed & used on Performers hands, feet, etc. to stop any dangerous slipping.


When you buy something from another person, you either pay cash then & there, or take it on ‘Circus Terms’ which is, whenever you can afford it.


Person in charge of putting up & down the Tent. Usually person with the loudest voice!


Single Ropes.