Alexandra Ashton
Alexandra Ashton
Place of birth:Perth
Acts/ Skills:

Unicycle, Juggling, Tight Rope, Trapeze, Triple Trapeze, Flying Trapeze, Bounding Rope, Whip Cracking, Clowning.


Alex came to live in the circus when her mother, Wanda, moved to the circus to join her partner, Golda Ashton, as part of the Ashton family. At age 9 Alex was excited out of her skin that she would be realising every child’s dream and moving into the circus. A whole new life awaited her. Adjusting to becoming a correspondence student at the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) was quick at such a young ages. Alex is now in her final years of school at SIDE and is well placed to complete her studies with above average outcomes. Moving with the circus every 1-4 weeks meant learning about packing and unpacking all manner of things, from her bedroom to hoses and power leads. When she first joined the circus Alex was not expected to be an integral part of the process of packing up the circus equipment at the end of a season but she now is capable of managing her own crew to get the props and equipment packed efficiently into a truck before the tent is pulled down. Alex helps her mothers with stocking and running the circus canteens and is able to step into a management position if her parents are called away. Alex has spent many hours learning many different circus skills. Mastering unicycling within a year of arrival she has also spent time on Tight-wire, Bounding Rope, Static Trapeze, Triple Trapeze and Flying Trapeze. A natural musician, Alex enjoys playing Piano and Saxophone and is quick to pick up new instruments and attempt to play them. Alex performs in the show as the assistant clowning working along side her step-mother, Golda Ashton.