Dante Phyllis
Dante Phyllis
Place of birth:Victoria
Acts/ Skills:

Tumbling, Solo Trapeze, Flying Trapeze, Dog Act.


Dante Phyllis was the first baby to be born at Circus Joseph Ashton, and from the moment she was brought home to the Big Top circus has been her life, just like her mother, Bekki. Growing up surrounded by performers, picking up circus skills was just “child’s play” for Dante who made her first public appearance when she crawled through the curtains and into the ring when no one was watching. Obviously it was time to get this baby a costume! As a toddler Dante appeared in our Opening Spec, some clown gags, and the Finale (when she felt like it!) It was almost a given that Dante would follow in the footsteps of her Grandmother Nikki and her Mother Bekki to become a natural on the Trapeze. She is looking forward to the day when she can perform the Bareback Horse Riding act, just like her namesake, Great Grandmother Phyllis Ashton. School for Dante and other circus children is held everyday in a special circus caravan with a qualified schoolteacher. Dante has a passion for animals, enjoys school very much, as well as music and surfing.