Golda Ashton
Golda Ashton
Place of birth:Sydney
Acts/ Skills:

Tumbling, Russian Swing, Trampolining, Bounding Rode, Clowning.


Like every child born into the Ashton Family, Golda was taken into the circus ring and paraded before an audience within weeks of birth. A carefree child who was seemingly able to do anything she put her mind to. Golda was able to ride a unicycle, walk on stilts and turn a double summersault by age 10. Golda’s love of the trampoline saw her organise a group trampolining act by age 15 when she was also included in the Russian Swing Act. An accident saw her sidelined at 16. During recovery Golda spent many hours learning a new act from scratch. The Dental Act involving hanging by her teeth only from the peak of the big top was taught to her by the larger then life traditional circus master, Jonas Zilinskas. At 18, Golda realised that her injury may prohibit her from advancing in circus and chose to leave the security of her life and family to explore more life possibilities in the world outside of circus. She worked in many jobs from managing cafes to security at a casino and being a specialist training actors to perform circus skills for the Australia theatre production of Barnum. In 2001, Golda was invited by the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) to apply for entry into the newly established Bachelor of Circus Arts programme. She gained entry into the second year at NICA on advanced standing and later joined her brother’s fledging circus, Circus Joseph Ashton. Her move into clowning came a year later when Joseph asked her to fill in for another clown. The creation of ‘Goldie the Clown’ has been a natural process allowing Golda to showcase all of her abilities within one delightful and loveable character. Golda’s life turned full circle when her partner, Wanda, with her two daughters, Katrina and Alexandra, joined Golda at Circus Joseph Ashton and they started their own branch of the Ashton dynasty together.