Katrina Ashton
Katrina Ashton
Place of birth:Perth
Acts/ Skills:

Web Rope, Trapeze, Triple Trapeze, Whip Cracking.


Katrina, came to live in the circus when her mother, Wanda, moved to the circus to join her partner, Golda Ashton, as part of the Ashton family. At age 11 her world turned around 180 degrees and she found a whole new life to get used to. As a correspondence student at the School of Isolated and Distance Education Katrina needed to be more on-task when doing school work. Moving with the circus every 1-4 weeks meant learning about packing and unpacking all manner of things from her bedroom to hoses and power leads. It was a sharp learning curve that was at once shocking and exciting. Katrina quickly chose the Web Rope as the act she was most interested in learning. In 2010 Katrina began performing her own web rope act, just three short years after she began to get serious about her training on the apparatus. At 13 Katrina began assisting her cousin, Merrik, in his slack wire act and two years later travelled with him to Monaco to present the act in the first international youth circus competition ‘New Generation’. Katrina helps with stocking and running the circus canteens with her mothers and often steps into a management position if her parents are called away. Katrina is currently following the path of her step-mother, Golda Ashton, and studying at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne.