Merrik Ashton
Merrik Ashton
Place of birth:Sydney
Acts/ Skills:

Slake-wire, Tumbling, Juggling, Hand-balancing, Flying Trapeze Catcher.


Born January 1994 in NSW, Merrik spent his early years with his many cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents at Ashtons Circus, his first act, like all the Ashton children at that time would join in the opening pyramid number.
At 7 years old, Merriks father Joseph decided to leave Ashtons Circus to start his own show, Circus Joseph Ashton, where Merrik performs his world class slackwire act, a knockabout table routine with his brother and does as little as possible in the opening fast track/ teeterboard act. In his spare time, Merrik enjoys reading, watching tv shows, playing video games and complaining about how he is better than the other video game players but lost the game anyway. Merrik practises about 4 hours a day, alternating slackwire practise with handstands, juggling and stretching, he is yet to achieve a full splitz even after years of stretching. When he achieves this i wouldn’t be suprised if he finishes his act with a simple splitz.