Mervyn Ashton
Mervyn Ashton
Place of birth:Sydney
Acts/ Skills:

Retired performer of the Flying Trapeze, Slack-wire, Bare-back Riding.


Mervyn is the only son of Phyllis and Doug Ashton and was born in an era when Circus was in its prime. He was an all-round circus performer and has done so many acts that we couldn’t list them all! High-lights from his long career would include creating the famous Flying Ashtons; his Roman Rings act; Bare-back Riding; and Slack-wire (just like his grandson, Merrik, now performs). Merv was also famous for being a flying flyer – that is, for many years he held a pilot’s licence! These days Merv could talk your ears off about the “old days” and then go on to tell how proud he is of the Ashton family, its long, continuous history, and how he is even prouder of where his son Joseph is taking the “Ashton” in the wonderful world we know as “Circus”.