Rikki Douglas
Rikki Douglas
Place of birth:Perth
Acts/ Skills:

Tumbling, Knife-throwing, Whip Cracking, Casting.


Rikki Douglas was born in Perth, WA, in 2005. Like all circus babies he donned his first costume before he could walk, and like his sister Dante, was a “back-door” baby. His first professional part in the show was dressed as a mini-strongman when he performed balances with his papa, all before the age of 1! The strongman character grew as Rikki grew and by the time he was 4 years old “The Strongman” had developed into a comedy act of its own, partnered with his Uncle Joseph. Currently Rikki is performing in the Fast Track Tumbling act and he is busy practicing numerous acts that he is interested in, such as Knife-throwing, Whip Cracking and Casting. Rikki also loves lego, playstation, and horses.