Zeeva Ashton
Zeeva Ashton
Place of birth:Perth
Acts/ Skills:

Tumbling, Clowning, Horse Riding, Whip Cracking.


Zeeva was born in 2011 to Wanda and Golda Ashton. She was first brought into the circus ring at five months when she was introduced to Circus Joseph Ashton’s audiences by her Biological mother, Golda Ashton, Balancing on Golda’s hand during the finale. Zeeva started walking at eight months and was performing a simple forward roll in the opening of the show before her second birthday. Unfazed by noisy and boisterous audiences she began to assist Goldie the Clowns act at the ago of 15 months. Shortly after her 3rd birthday she became the youngest Ashton child in the history of Circus Joseph Ashton to proudly carry the “Ambulance Stretcher” into the ring for the final comedy sequence of the show. Zeeva has had a love affair with the circus ponies since birth and has been riding since she could sit up at the age of 3 months. With the arrival of Traveller, our beautiful 900kg Percheron horse, Zeeva’s love of ponies extended to include the giant horse. within a year she was riding Traveller unassisted and insists he is “my horse”. Around this time she also started to become aware of her sisters learning to crack whips. Zeeva began imitating whip cracking and received a gift of a small Simon Martin whip and at three years of age and quickly succeeded in cracking her whip.